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Have You Thought About A Wedding Day Gift For Your Partner?

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Starting off this topic by saying boudoir is for everyone. Boudoir is for every body type and every woman.

Hey! Aleigha Hans Owner of Captivate Beauty here. Cannot wait to share my most recent venture with you.

When I was younger I always wanted to be older, I wanted to be wiser, I wanted to be successful, I wanted to do what I wanted to do and now I tell myself I should have enjoyed the journey a little bit more than I did.

I had a boudoir session years ago and honestly I look at those photos now and think of the person I was verses the person I have become. Those photos remind me of past and help me be proud of who I am today. Yes, I was a younger more perky version of myself, but every year I become a more well rounded individual.

The only purpose these statements have is to say you will not regret investing in these images. At times I tease my husband and say I hope you look at these photos when I am an old woman and think about how attractive I was when we first dated.

As of most recently I had an experience with Reina LeGrand of Bougie Boudoir Studio in Castle Rock,CO. These photos gave me a view from an outside perspective (I look amazing upside down). All jokes aside. At times the inner me beats myself up so the outer me doesn't shine as bright as it should. Reina found the right angles that showed all my angles.

In the studio you recieve hair and makeup right before your session starts. It's a total package deal. All you have to do is tell Reina your ideas, show up and she will take care of the rest. She made me so comfortable I hardly knew I was almost naked in front of her. After the shoot she showed me raw images. I had so many good ones that it was hard to choose. I finally narrowed it down and created a nice album. The other images I ordered were to create a collage for my bedroom wall.

When I choose to do a session it was so I could share my experience with others. Yes, I was a little nervous, a little excited before, but during and after I realized it was fun. I enjoyed doing it for myself, but my hubby got the benefit too.

What a special gift this could be for your future spouse. They would be blown away if you surprised them with something a special as this gift. I mean boudoir does show the most beautiful version of you. As much as your partner will love the gift, it is also an empowering pre wedding present for yourself. This is a huge confidence booster.

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Reina the owner of Bougie Boudoir Studio about why she enjoys her job. This is what she told me:

1. I absolutely love showing my clients how beautiful the are....and seeing that change the way they see themselves. I love creating ART with the beauty that lies in everyone!

2. I love connecting with women from all different backgrounds and experiences...we are more alike than we think.

3. I love that I've been able to create a little community of positive women from my business. And I love supporting these ladies, however I can, as well.

Her goal and mission to help woman is such a strong message that resonates with me. My professional goal has always been to empower women through beauty. It is almost like she and I have a very similar philosophy, however the way we show women their beauty is slightly different.

Lastly I get to partner with Reina to help with hair and makeup for her clients. I love this part of my job, because it is not everyday we get to be all glammed up. Mention Captivate Beauty at time of booking and YOU will receive a special gift.

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