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2021, Your Year & Captivate Beauty

A new year can be a fresh start for many. After last year we can all agree that we are happy 2020 is over. Now that we are in 2021 we should start to think about a few things.

Let's start with a question that keeps rolling through my head.

How can 2021 be your year?

In 2020 so many things were out of our control. In 2021 focusing on what you can control may truly help you mentally and physically.

What are things we can control? We actually can control many little things that are daily functions. How about making healthy food choices? What about the amount of water we drink? Maybe the amount of alcohol we consume daily? Do you move your body daily?

Little functions of self care are overall daily functions that can help you feel in control of your life and your year.

You are probably reading this if you are a bride getting married in 2021. You have a lot on your plate and plans to make to have a successful wedding this year. This can be your year and you can control your plan.

One way our team can help is creating a beauty plan for you to feel confident about going into your big day.

One huge change we had recently is that McKinsey became our booking / customer service manager. This is so beneficial to you and our team because she connects all the dots to make a smooth experience for everyone from start to finish. As this transition took place it has let me (Aleigha) free up time for recruiting, training and development so our team is at the top of our game for your big day. This has become a huge point of difference for our team. McKinsey and I work so closely in everything we do. From convos to actual hair. Hehe. Pics to prove it ;)

Last night we were conducting some calls with brides. One bride mentioned that she had talked to 5 different beauty pros and we were the only team she felt confident in. It makes us so happy to hear that feedback. We know that a ton of artists and stylists are out there, but that doesn't mean that they do their job well. We learned from 2020, made changes to catapult us to be even better than we were before.

We cannot wait to help you with your big day and your beauty goals. We want you to know we are so much more than beauty. We can recommend and help with many issues. Just ask and we are happy to chat through anything. We are people who have health, wellness and beauty goals too. I type as I realize I need to go ride my Peloton.

GUESS WHAT!!! We have a 2021 gift for you! Here is a little something special we created for our brides to be. Hope this helps you stay more organized!

We would love to hear more about your health and beauty regimen going into 2021. Who knows maybe we can connect some accountability partners.

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