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Mega Wedding Planner’s Wedding Blog The Look: Captivate Beauty

Being in the wedding industry, it can feel intimidating when another wedding industry vendor reaches out for assistance with their own wedding day. When Briana asked Captivate Beauty to be her professional hair and makeup artist, it was a true honor to be part of the Colorado Wedding Planner’s Wedding.


With Briana giving her thoughts on what she envisions The Look for her wedding day to be, Captivate Beauty was ecstatic! Moving on from the idea of Briana’s look to the creation of the hair and makeup trial, it was becoming so surreal for Briana that her wedding day was finally approaching. At Captivate Beauty, their mission is to set themselves apart by making the hair and makeup experience all about what the client needs. So after trying out different styles and looks for Briana based on her vision, the two came together to find the perfect look for her wedding day!

Fast forward to the morning of, Briana could hardly wait any longer. Drinking her morning coffee with her bridesmaids alongside her, she was antsy to get to The Hearth House Bridal Suite to start getting ready for her wedding day. After meeting Tina and the team of Captivate Beauty, Briana and her bridesmaids began the glamourizing process! Captivate Beauty has a way of making their clients feel at ease. While Briana was getting her hair and makeup done, her bridesmaids awaited their turn, all while enjoying the joy of the morning! When Briana’s hair and makeup were done to her liking, she looked in the mirror and felt like everything was perfectly falling into place the way she had hoped for her wedding day!

Thank you Captivate Beauty for bringing such a wonderful experience to Briana and JR’s wedding day! To see the entire gallery from Briana and JR’s wedding day, click here!

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