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She Eloped!

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

As Covid has continued through 2020, we are starting to see a new trend:


Some brides cancel, some postpone and for some waiting a year is not something they want to do so they elope.

Katee and her fiancé planned a destination wedding in Negril, Jamaica with many family and friends. One month ago the couple was faced with the decision to cancel. The travel bands, resort closures and restrictions made it impossible to host the wedding they had eagerly hoped for. 

The couple has been together 10 years so they did not want to wait to marry any longer. They started thinking and talking through options. 

First they thought about having a wedding in their hometown in Wisconsin, however they both have large families and the thought of inviting some not all, was not a thought they wanted. The Covid cases are growing and they could not have a large wedding in Wisconsin. That idea was scratched. 

The couple talked about eloping. Katee called a few locations in California, Colorado and Oregon. Everyone seemed up in the air on what they could do or couldn’t do. She found an elopement company in OR that was so helpful and said that even if public beaches are closed she knew a private location the couple could get married. That was it they were planning an elopement to Pacific City, OR.

When Katee messaged us through Facebook she said, “I canceled my wedding and I’m eloping! Are you available to help?” Reading this created a desire to be there to support her. Brides dealing with stressful situations and making the best of it are always our type of people. 

The couple flew into Portland and took a short road trip to the coast. The only invitees were their parents. The parents drove all the way across the country in their 5th wheel to be there to witness the ceremony. Katee’s mom was in tears as she thanked her daughter for allowing her to be included. It was a sweet and special moment shared between mother and daughter.

July 14, 2020 - Married at sunset on the beach in Pacific City, OR with views that dreams are made of. Now husband and wife with the rest of their lives ahead of them. Sending big congratulations to the happy couple!

This year has brought challenges and forced us to grow and change the way we do things. This is what making history is all about. I’m sure brides who are married in 2020 will always have an interesting story to tell about getting to their big day. 

Early in the year beauty services were deemed non essential. Now many brides are reassuring us that they want our services and that feels good. Many wedding and beauty pros provide professional services, but we have been told we also provide much more. We can be good listeners, sometimes advice givers, confidence boosters and part of your moments in life. 

Beauty can be a larger element in an elopement because all of the focus is now on you and your partner. Looking lovely through our services can help you feel beautiful and feeling beautiful shines through. Trust us it will show in your photos. 

The Captivate Beauty Team has started creating custom elopement packages. Email us your wants, needs and location and we will give you a personalized quote. 

A final thought. 

Something about eloping is truly romantic. The connection the couple can share without the pressure of the audience or party is beautiful. 

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