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Crazy Gopalan Malayalam Movie Songs Download

Crazy Gopalan Malayalam Movie Songs Download

If you are a fan of Malayalam comedy thriller movies, you might have heard of Crazy Gopalan, a 2008 film starring Dileep and Radha Varma. The film is about a thief who gets involved in a series of heists and adventures with his friends and enemies. The film was directed by Deepu Karunakaran and produced by Udayakrishna-Siby K. Thomas.

crazy gopalan malayalam movie songs download

One of the highlights of the film is its music, composed by Rahul Raj. The film has four songs, each with a different mood and style. The songs are:

  • Gopala Yudham: This is the title song of the film, sung by Rahul Raj and Sujatha Mohan. It is a fast-paced and energetic song that introduces the character of Gopalan and his exploits.

  • Hay Lelo: This is a romantic song, sung by Rahul Raj and Shweta Mohan. It features the love story of Gopalan and Radha, who meet at a temple festival.

  • Kaliyodam Chanchaadum: This is a folk song, sung by Vidhu Prathap and Jyotsna Radhakrishnan. It depicts the rural life and culture of Kerala, where Gopalan and his friends live.

  • Thiruvathira: This is a traditional song, sung by K.S. Chithra and Manjari. It is based on the Thiruvathira festival, which celebrates the birth of Lord Shiva.

If you want to download these songs and enjoy them on your device, you have several options. You can either:

  • Visit YouTube and search for the songs by their names. You can watch the video songs or use a YouTube downloader tool to save them as mp3 files.

  • Visit and download the songs for free from their website. They have a direct link to download all four songs as a zip file.

  • Visit and download the songs individually or as a playlist. They have high-quality mp3 files that you can stream or download.

  • Visit SoundCloud and listen to the songs online or download them using a SoundCloud downloader tool. They have excerpts from the songs that you can play or save.

These are some of the ways to download Crazy Gopalan Malayalam movie songs for free. You can also buy the original CD or DVD of the film if you want to support the artists and producers.

Why Crazy Gopalan Malayalam Movie Songs are Popular

Crazy Gopalan Malayalam movie songs are popular among the audience for many reasons. Some of them are:

  • The songs are catchy and melodious, with a blend of modern and traditional elements. They suit the mood and theme of the film well.

  • The songs are sung by talented singers, such as Rahul Raj, Sujatha Mohan, Shweta Mohan, Vidhu Prathap, Jyotsna Radhakrishnan, K.S. Chithra and Manjari. They have a good voice modulation and expression.

  • The songs are written by Anil Panachooran, who is known for his witty and humorous lyrics. He uses simple and colloquial words to convey the message of the songs.

  • The songs are composed by Rahul Raj, who is one of the most promising music directors in Malayalam cinema. He has a unique style and flair for creating catchy tunes and beats.

These are some of the reasons why Crazy Gopalan Malayalam movie songs are popular and loved by the fans.

How Crazy Gopalan Malayalam Movie Songs were Made

Crazy Gopalan Malayalam movie songs were made with a lot of hard work and creativity by the music team. Here are some of the facts about how the songs were made:

  • The music director Rahul Raj had to compose the songs in a short span of time, as he was busy with other projects. He had to work day and night to finish the songs on time.

  • The title song Gopala Yudham was inspired by a folk song from Kerala called Kuttanadan Punchayile. Rahul Raj modified the tune and added his own touch to it.

  • The romantic song Hay Lelo was shot in a beautiful location in Munnar, Kerala. The song features Dileep and Radha Varma in colorful costumes and romantic poses.

  • The folk song Kaliyodam Chanchaadum was recorded live with real instruments and singers. The song has a rustic feel and showcases the culture of Kerala.

  • The traditional song Thiruvathira was based on a classical raga called Nattai. The song has a devotional tone and features K.S. Chithra and Manjari singing in harmony.

These are some of the facts about how Crazy Gopalan Malayalam movie songs were made with passion and dedication by the music team.

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