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Telecharger Kernel Siyah Galaxy S2

The problem is that: I open my wifi normaly it connects normaly but when it comes to download data for pages or files it stops and it starts all the time. And all this happens in a loop. Start, stop, start, stop. Should I apply the siyah kernel to jely bean or my problem does not occur by kernel malfanctions

Telecharger Kernel Siyah Galaxy S2

hello, i have samsung galaxy s2 GT-I9100. the problem is my wi-fi is trying to get connected but it is not turning on. i also tried siyah kernel but not get any result. please suggest me some idea.

I HAVE A FIX FOR THIS UPDATEIn order to stop the random shut offs and battery drains, you will need to either A) keep it plugged in for 24-48 hours or B) root your phone. If you go with the first choice, it still may shut off a time or 2 which was fixable on my Galaxy s2 by removing the battery for 30 seconds. If you go with the latter choice of rooting, you will notice that the camera malfunctions. This is fixed by flashing the siyah kernel v5.1 in CWM Recovery once rooted. You must flash v5.1.1 of the syiah kernel in order for everything to work with the 4.0.4 update, as this version was made to be compatible with the update, no other version! The siyah v5.1 kernel is available at the XDA Developers forums. Hopes this helps some of you. 350c69d7ab


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