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Tanging Yaman Full Movie Tagalog Version __FULL__

In this movie, the Diamond Star plays the role of Norma who is employed as nanny to a 7-year-old girl named Louise (Ericka Oreta). Norma dutifully carries out her job and in the process learns to love Louise. Back home, Norma's mother dies and Norma has no choice but to bring her own daughter Ruby (Tala Santos) to Manila. Fortunately, Norma's employers Noel (Zoren Legaspi) and May (Sunshine Cruz) allow the mother and her daughter to live with them. Norma faces the difficult task of dividing her attention between the two children. But a major dilemma for the yaya arises when Louise's parents decide to migrate abroad. They ask Norma to come with them but that means leaving her daughter behind for greener pastures.

tanging yaman full movie tagalog version



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